The young half-elf druid, unaware of her rapidly changing place in the world

  • HP: 30
  • STR: 10, CON: 18, DEX: 12, INT: 10, WIS: 16, CHA: 12.
  • AC: __ FORT: 14 REF: 12 WILL: 14
  • ACRO: 1, ARC: 5, ATH: 0, BLU: 1, DIP: 3, DUN: 3, END: 4, HEAL: 8, HIS: 0,
  • INS: 5, INTI: 1, NAT: 8,PERC: 8, REL: 0, STE: 1, STRE: 1, THIE: 1
  • Druid: Ritual Casting
  • Level 1: Wood Elf Agility: ACRO/ATH rolls of 2-7 on d20 = 8
  • At-wills: Thorn Whip; Chill Wind; Savage Rend
  • Encounter: Cull the Herd
  • Daily: Wind Prison
  • Druid At-will: Wild Shape
  • Dilettante: Spiteful Glamor
  • Hide Armor

Orianne’s parents met their ends at the edge of the blades of bandits as they fought to defend their trade goods on their way to Baldur’s Gate while she was too young to understand what was happening, much less why she would never see those two familiar faces any more.

To Orianne’s good fortune, one of the bandits had recently had a child of their own and didn’t have the heart to see their crew snuff out the life of such a young life. She was delivered to a doorstep in the next town and raised in the frustrating shadow of human civilization. As she grew older, Orianne found herself becoming more and more irritated by the cut stones and halved planks her adopted human family surrounded themselves with and when she could the young half-elf struggled to make contact with her fey half in the woods.

There she found an old, strange looking tutor who taught her her druid powers, urging her to take action against the humans who were ‘against the natural world’.



Beyond the Fey Wild Valesse